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What our patients say

  • I was planning my hip surgery in India. My advisor provided the most honest information about my case. What I admire about her was that she regularly followed up after I was discharged and returned back to UK.

    Mr Libby, United Kingdom

  • For years I got attacks of high blood pressure. My BP was not in control and my physician was not able to manage appropriately. Dr Doshi from MedLyte took over my case and guided us to the right direction. After one month of constant back and forth, I am now correctly diagnosed and my BP is under control.

    Mrs Shah, Mumbai

  • I was advised a surgery for my knee pain. My medical advisor Dr Mehta helped me get a second opinion from a leading Orthopedic doctor. I avoided the surgery and saved a lot of money and time. Completely satisfied with my advisor.

    T. Desai, Ahmedabad

  • MedLyte helped me with a successful IVF treatment in India. I was traveling to India for the first time but my medical advisor made me feel very comfortable. She was always just a phone call away and it was a huge relief.

    Mrs. Romay, Canada

  • When I got diagnosed of cancer, I got scared. We did not know what to do. I got a medlyte medical advisor and to my relief, he was so nice. He explained us the whole condition and also talked to the oncologist. My anxiety reduced and I was able to cope up very well. All thanks to our advisor Dr Sharma!

    V. K. Nair, Baroda